Authorizing and Issuing Shares

Content What are Outstanding Shares? What are Common Shares? Issued shares What Are Authorized Shares? Issued Vs. Outstanding Authorized Stock: Definition, Example, Vs. Issued Stock In the event the outstanding shares are less than what was authorized, the difference is considered unissued stock and is retained in the company’s treasury. After a technology startup has been legally formed as a corporation, shares of its capital stock need to be authorized and issued to its founders. At formation, a corporation authorizes a certain number of shares of [...]


What Is Full-Time Equivalent? How to Calculate FTE

Content Make a List of All Employees & Hours Worked How do you convert FTE to hours? How to calculate FTE. Step-by-step guide What is a Resource Manager? Roles, Responsibilities & How to Succeed Keeping FTE ACA-Compliant: What You Need To Know As would four part-time employees who each work 10-hours per week, totaling 40 hours. You can calculate FTE to determine how much a project will cost in terms of time and personnel needs. For part-time employees — Employees who worked less than 40 [...]


Nonprofit Accounting & Bookkeeping services in San Francisco, Bay Area & Oakland, CA Nonprofit Suite

Content Example of a Nonprofit’s General Ledger Statement of Functional Expenses Learn how to record in-kind donations different services and solutions. Is there a nonprofit version for QuickBooks online? It involves generally accepted accounting principles and other tasks all businesses employ when reporting finances, along with those specific to nonprofit organizations. Walking through the equations used to complete these two statements gives you an accurate picture of your nonprofit’s financial situation. Knowing these two equations can make you a better decision maker and better financial [...]