Frequently Asked Questions


Massage is a wonderful integration of East and West Medicine. Massage is proven to reduce stress, lower heart rate, boost immunity, increase blood flow, make you more aware, and release tension, promoting deep and restful relaxation. In addition, many people include massage in their weekly schedule like they would any doctor or therapy appointment. Massage does not have to be something saved for birthdays or holidays. Your wellness is our 24/7 priority.

Anxiety, Muscle Aches, Injuries, Back Pain, Immune Deficiency, Cholesterol, Gut Imbalances, Lymphatic Draining, Joint Pain

Inzentive Massage is the fastest, easiest and safest way to book a massage and other wellness services. We deliver the best-qualified wellness professionals to your doorstep – by connecting you to a qualified & trusted local practitioner. Redefining Convenience.

Simply contact our friendly customer service team via chat, or call 561-396-6639 , or email info@inzentivemassage.com


Our therapists go through a thorough vetting process to ensure you are getting the most high-quality and professional care. We are extremely diligent and selective about who we allow onto our platform.